Our Mission

We commercialize the most promising research developed in Australia to solve Global industry pain-points.

By rapidly moving research into application, we are building a strong hub of locally born, globally dominant companies.

US and Australian offices

Availer is strategically placed in both North America and Australia

About the founders

Andrew Grant

Andrew is based in Adelaide, South Australia, where he has spent the majority of his career working with, founding and driving early stage technology companies. He co-founded clinical genetics software company TrakGene, used by over 60 hospitals and genetics services globally; co-founded cyber-security company, CryptoPhoto, used by over 5,000 websites; and build and sold recycling company Food Waste Recyclers. 

Andrew has worked with and successfully applied for various grant programs including Commercialization Australia/Accelerating Commercialization, Commercializing Emerging Technologies (COMET),and various ancillary grant programs; additionally, Andrew has raised venture capital and debt for companies.


Remo Carbone

Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, Remo has lived in New York since 2007, where he has commercialized technology and scaled start-ups. Remo has consulted to Australian and US companies and governments on their technology commercialization strategies across the US and global markets. His experience includes driving the growth of a software company across the globe, increasing its full-time employees from 200 to 5,000 over 10 years.

Whilst Remo has been in New York, the City has evolved from a relatively small player in the tech markets to the second biggest tech hub in the US. He now leads KPMG’s Elevate 61 growth accelerator program for Australian enterprise tech start-ups that are ready to scale into the US marketplace. Remo is also an advisor to Scout Ventures, a New York-based early stage venture firm, that actively invests in the US. and serves as a mentor to Muru-D, Telstra’s technology accelerator where he helps companies as they tackle the challenge of                                                                                              rapidly growing their start-ups.