Building start-ups

Availer works closely with South Australia's leading researchers and scientists to identify technologies with global application that are capable of being rapidly commercialized.


MEQ Probe

MEQ probe is a new solution that utilises spectral analysis to determine the meat quality in seconds

The technology utilises a blend of physics + chemistry + biology coupled with advanced analysis proprietary algorithms and big-data sets to provide meat processors with an objective measure for meat quality.


Dairy Explorer utilises spectral analysis to determine the fat, protein and SCC of milk on a cow by cow basis

The technology utilises a blend of physics + chemistry + biology coupled with advanced analysis, proprietary algorithms and big-data sets, to provide dairy farmers with information that enables them to optimise the performance of their herd.

spectral change

Spectral Change has developed proprietary software, analytics and food-grade devices

Spectral Change give winemakers a clear insight into the maturity of wine across every barrel, in an unobtrusive model, such that the age-old process of wine making can continue, with a next-generation “IoT” solution.

trust provenance

Trust Provenance bolsters supply chain data with security, authenticity and transparency to create a new level of trust

The T-Provenance Blockchain ties farmers, processors and distributors, to a common trusted data platform, enabling previously impossible collaborations and efficiencies.